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Mind Training
     Masterly Programs



You learn about techniques and personal skills to heal your mind and body and help you enjoy physical and mental wellness daily.


These techniques include the Theta Brain Wave Technique, Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation, medical hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and light meditation, each with a scientific explanation.

You will experience a thirty-minute focus/deep relaxation session and a FREE MP3 download of the same session to use at your convenience.


140-Day Mind-Body-Spirit Masterly Program     

You begin this Program with learning and experiencing the Theta Brain Wave Technique. This focusing-of-the-mind procedure causes the physical body and the brain's left hemisphere to go into deep sleep. In contrast, the right hemisphere becomes very active and achieves high awareness. This state of consciousness, as measured by an EEG (electroencephalograph), is called an “Alert Theta Brain Wave,” the same as REM (Rapid Eye Movement) in normal sleep.


You learn the technique of sensory imaging – an essential requirement when you want to use all five senses in your visualizations fully.

Through sensory imaging, you learn to program the “goal-seeking” computer in your brain, which facilitates your desired goals. Word and affirmation programs cannot compete with the ease and effectiveness of sensory imaging. You learn to use sensory imaging to increase and decrease circulation anywhere in your body, release muscle spasms anywhere in your body, stop migraine headaches, and learn many more mind-body control skills.

There are many life-long benefits gained by a daily practice of the Theta Brain Wave Technique. One of the most important benefits is profound mental and physical rest. A forty-minute session gives the equivalent rest of eight hours or more of high-quality sleep. Receiving the proper rest every day enhances the functioning of the immune, metabolic, and nervous systems, improving overall physical health and leading to higher daily energy, as well as fewer colds, allergies, and infections of all types. Profound rest also improves mental health, eliminating brain fog, insomnia, and anxiety attacks, as well as post-traumatic stress syndrome and depression.

The skills that you learn in the live online classes and practice at home will allow you to upgrade the quality of your life.  It is an easy and effective learning process for all ages from ten to one hundred and ten.  Daily practice of the Theta Brain Wave Technique will create a relaxation-response program to offset your built in fight-or-flight response.  This is a major change that you can expect along with the balancing of the left and right hemispheres of your brain. 

You learn Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation. You use Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation for subtle spiritual exploration that would take many years to develop using most meditation procedures taught and practiced today. Also grounding techniques that stop out-of-body experiences.


You learn about the Chakra energy system and the accupuncture energy system and how to balance both systems using imagery.


You learn anesthetic and analgesic procedures for pain and chronic pain relief and advanced immune system imagery along with special will-to-live techniques.


You learn to increase creativity, intuition and knowing.

The skills learned in these classes will help you achieve mindfulness--the ability to live in the moment and reduce fear as well as Wellness and Inner Peace.

The 20-Week Advanced Masterly Program   

The twenty weekly classes are divided into four 5-week segments. The first segment of the four weeks features a more technical review and practice of the science of focusing the mind, mindfulness, and meditation, along with the value of and how to set a daily practice.


The second five weeks feature new and different focusing elements during each session. These new elements mean experiencing emotion and working on each of the five senses during each session with the intention of further developing the regular use of your right brain.


The third five weeks feature various techniques to hear your spirit in the back seat, your Angels and loving spirits near you.

Develop your intuition from Gut Feelings to Knowing. Learn about hypnotic regression techniques and experience one session with my help.


The final 5-week segment consists of wrap up sessions with some revisiting of techniques tought and experienced in the first 140-Day Mind-Body-Spirit Program and the sixteen sessions and classes of the Advanced Mastery Program.


The major differences between the original 140-Day Program that you completed and the Advance Mastery Program are:

A. Each of the twenty classses includes a live 40-minute Session, using Zoom and recorded. This recording can be used for a couple of sessions in the following week and then you do the entire session on your own. You have a say as to what you want to include in each session, your own personal programming.

B. Each of the classes have an audio report on the previous class which is recorded and sent to you.

C. The reading material for each class has been chosen based on the relevance to the sessions.

D. Each of the twenty classes have homework that includes a focusing and meditation session daily.


The 15-Week Weight Loss Program

Recreate-Your-Body Program

Since the invention of the scale two thousand years ago, success in weight loss or gain programs has been measured in pounds.   


Introducing an exciting 21st-century approach to weight loss that does not use the scale!


Losing weight is a complex problem for most people. Today, weight-loss programs focus on diet and exercise, with infinite plans for both.


The Recreate-Your-Body Program is a weight-loss program that doesn’t focus on diet or exercise.


The Program uses visualization and sensory imaging to program the digestive, immune, circulatory, endocrine, and nervous systems, causing weight loss in different parts of the body automatically or unconsciously. Now, create the new body by clothing size and by waist size rather than by pounds.


This program has 15 weekly Zoom classes teaching the skills and practice necessary to create the new body.  Most weekly Zoom classes are 20 to 30 minutes long, with new homework to read and a mind-training audio-focusing session to do twice daily. There are several classes with one-on-one live sessions between forty and forty-five minutes in length that are recorded and given to the student.


There is a minimum of nutritional and exercise information. 


To receive more information on whether this program is a fit for you, email: with your phone and name and he will return your call with a free consultation.




Professional  Health Providers     


After completing the 140-Day Mind-Body-Spirit Masterly Program, there are four additional classes. This Program is for active health professionals who want to use the various skills learned in the 140-Day Mind-Body-Spirit Masterly Program or Medical Hypnosis in their practice. 


Edward Francis Pio teaches these classes live, one-on-one, on Zoom, or in the Provider's local office.






This Program is for people looking for a career or a career change in healthcare. All classes and instruction can be completed without interfering with one's day job.


The training will take a minimum of nine months, and the student will receive one year of free consulting with Edward Francis Pio after becoming a certified instructor. 


Any person (minimum age 21) interested in becoming a Certified Instructor of the Medical Hypnosis/Theta Brain Wave Technique/Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation Training must be interviewed by Edward Francis Pio before registering for any of the above Programs.


Interested persons are asked to call Mr. Pio at 831-206-4050 or email


All training is by live Zoom with at least three days in Pacific Grove, California, with Edward Francis Pio.









Learn to conquer some of the most common, but debilitating physical/mental challenges

of our time . . .

Sleep Disorder
Memory Lapses
Memory Fatigue

copyright 1967 Edward Francis Pio

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