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Life Coach, Mindfulness, Medical Hypnosis, Medical Self-Hypnosis, Theta Brain Wave Technique Training, Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation Training


Modules & Investment


Module 1   A two-hour Breakthrough (Live Webinar) Class.



Module 2  The Theta Brain Wave Meditation/Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation Training is a twenty class module                                      consisting of a one or two-hour (Live Webinar) class a week with daily homework and daily contact                                      with the instructor over a 20-week period. This is a 20-week program.



Module 3  Active Health Professionals learn how to use the skills taught in Module 2 and Medical Hypnosis                                       in their own practice.  

                       In addition to Module 2 this module consists of four two-hour weekly classes taught on a

                       one-on-one by Edward Francis Pio. An interview with Edward Francis Pio is required before                                       beginning Module 1 or 2.  (Live Webinar or Local)



Module 4  Become a Certified Instuctor. Module 4 is designed for anyone interested in

                       becoming a Certified Instructor of the Medical Hypnosis/Theta Brain Wave Meditation/Yoga Nidra

                       Deep Meditation Training.  An interview with Edward Francis Pio is required before beginning                                   Module 1 or 2.  (Live Webinar and Local)









MODULE 1     $ 100 per person  (includes two or more in a household)



MODULE 2     $  1950 per person     $2400 Family tuition (for two or more in a household)  **

                                              Scholarships and payment plans available



MODULE 3     $ 2400 per person      Tuition includes Module 1, 2 & 3     

                        Health Care Professionals and End Addiction Program Only**

                        All instruction on a one-on-one by Edward Francis Pio   (Live Webinar or Local Office)

                                               Scholarships and payment plans available

MODULE 4     $12,000 per person      Tuition includes Module 1, 2, 3, 4        (Certified Instructor) **

                        All instruction on a one-on-one by Edward Francis Pio   (Live Webinar or Local Office) 

                                               Scholarships and payment plans available


                       $397 two-hour session

**Add transportation fee for in-home live classes in Northern California based on miles from Monterey, Ca.


Payment accepted:     All Credit Cards    Personal & Business Checks

copyright 1967 Edward Francis Pio

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