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Welcome to my website. Please read my guarantee

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Edward Francis Pio.




Migraine headaches, anxiety/panic attacks, chronic pain, insomnia, cancer, other life-threatening diseases 


Do you or anyone you know suffer from any of these debilitating health issues? If so, there is an alternative to drugs that mainly deal with symptoms and seldom the problem. The alternative offers evidenced-based proven and effective mind-body skills for treatment of the problem as well as the symptoms.


My 140-day Mind-Body-Spirit Masterly Program teaches these mind-body skills, including mindfulness, Medical Hypnosis, Theta Brain Wave Technique, and Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation Training. 


Over the past fifty-nine years, I have had many migraine, anxiety/panic attacks, chronic pain, insomnia, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases—students/patients who have successfully used the skills to mitigate or end the problem.

My Programs are available to all English-speaking people anywhere in the world from ages 10 to 120.


I am so confident of your learned mind-body skills solving these health problems, that I  guarantee to work with all new students for up to 6 months following the completion of the 20-week program absolutely free. The students must complete the 20-week program and all of the homework requirements and still need help in solving their health problems.

If you suffer from migraine headaches, anxiety/panic attacks, chronic pain or insomnia, cancer, other life-threatening diseases, register now for a FREE phone consultation. After talking with me, you can decide to take The Breakthrough Program, a two-hour class with a forty-minute Theta Brain Wave Session at the cost of $100. This class will be only you and me on the internet using Zoom, Skype or Facetime. You can decide after the class whether or not this drug-free Body-Mind Training is a fit for you. There is no obligation.


When I receive your registration, I will call you within 24 hours to answer any of your questions and then to set a date and time for the class. End your suffering, register now!


After registering please click on my homepage for more information on the five programs I teach.




Edward Francis Pio is a resident of Pacific Grove, California, USA. He is the founder and Executive Director of the International Mind Body Institute. Mr. Pio has fifty-nine years of experience teaching medical hypnosis, self-hypnosis, deep meditation, the Theta Brain Wave Meditation, and Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation to professionals, business organizations, and private groups. Over ninety thousand students have taken his live or home study courses worldwide -- including 760 men in Soledad Prison, located in Central California. Mr. Pio has lectured and taught extensively on cruise ships and to select groups in Canada, Mexico, China, Italy, India and Russia.

copyright 1967 Edward Francis Pio

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