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      Skills for Optimizing Your Life         and Ending Pain

I'm looking forward to sharing with you fifty-two years of experience as a Life Coach and teaching Mindfulness, Theta Brain Wave Technique, Medical Hypnosis, Medical Self-Hypnosis, and Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation.

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If you are experiencing physical or emotional pain in your life, I can help you live pain-free!  


If you are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety causing depression, autoimmune diseases, insomnia, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and brain fog and you are taking drugs for any of these conditions, you are farther compromising your immune system and your built-in ability to heal naturally.  You have the ability to heal all of these as well as all other health issues in your life and gradually stop taking drugs.  


I have been a Life Coach and have taught mind-body skills for fifty-four years with over 60,000 students completing my programs.  In 2018 and 2019 I taught a Mindfulness program for a local medical group.  My student/patients were primarily experiencing chronic pain with a number addicted to opioids.  The program was monitored by medical doctors and was a success with most patients off of medications and no longer experiencing pain at the end of the 12-week program.


As a result of this experience, I determined that my 12-week program was too short and that more practice time and information was necessary. So I created the 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program, a new 20-week program divided into four-steps: discovering the relationship of your mind to your body is the first step;  practicing focus, deep physical relaxation and developing stillness of your mind is the second step; the third step is adding new mind-body skills for optimizing your life and living pain-free; connecting with Source, making the Self-Healing Connection and experiencing permanent healing is the fourth step.

The First Step

The first of the four-steps is discovering your mind-body relationship. It begins with you considering your body as a vehicle, your mind as the driver and your Essence or Soul in the backseat.  Your vehicle is an autonomous vehicle, meaning that most of the time computer programs are running your vehicle.  The main computer for your vehicle is your brain which has a number of systems or applications built-in and active or online at birth.


There are two major applications or programs currently in your brain that you need to be concerned about  the fight or flight response and your internal hard drive recording function. The fight or flight response is meant to save your life in a dangerous world by massive chemical and electrical changes in your body making you superhuman and able to fend off lions and tigers.  Fortunately, that is no longer an issue with most humans but unfortunately, the program can be activated by pain, fear or danger real or imagined, during the day and even at night in your dreams.


Health professionals today consider this program the primary cause of many of our health issues.  There is no pharmaceutical solution to this program.  The only solution is to neutralize the program by creating a Relaxation Response program.  Scientific studies show that practicing deep relaxation exercises as  taught in  the 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program daily for four to six months creates a Relaxation Response.


The internal hard drive recording function is also something that you need to be concerned about.  Every thought and every physical action from inside the womb till the moment that you die is recorded on your internal hard drive.  Many of your recorded life experiences and particularly those before the age of seven can and do cause stress and other problems physically as well as mentally.


Your mind or consciousness is the driver of your autonomous vehicle body. You can be in your vehicle and allow it to operate automatically by the programs in your computer-brain or you can train your mind to be conscious of every turn and direction.  In other words, choose to have your hands on the steering wheel and steering, one foot on the accelerator determining your speed and the other foot near the brake pedal. Most of our automatic programs are very beneficial such as brushing our teeth or walking or running or even talking but we all have programs that are damaging to our physical and mental health. We have the ability to heal all of these as well as all other health issues in your life.  To attain a healthy pain-free, body, and mind, you can learn and practice the mind-body skills taught in my 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program and experience the Self-Healing Connection.

People who have not had any type of mind training or practice are operating their vehicle-body ninety percent or more of the time on automatic.  Those with various types of mind training can learn to live more in the moment and reduce the automatic to less than forty percent.  The result of this increase in consciousness is far less stress with better health physically as well as mentally and overall happier life.


The Second Step

Mind training takes effort and practice. Reading about a particular process or listening to a few guided deep relaxation or focusing sessions will not result in a trained mind.  Training your mind requires a process, time/practice, and a coach to help keep the process on track. 


My 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program requires a one to two hours live coaching session every week for twenty weeks and minimum practice time of forty minutes a day. This small amount of time is difficult for many of my clients/patients even though they know that it is necessary for learning new mind-body skills, creating a Relaxation Response and enjoying a sick-free/pain-free healthy life.


Why is time such a difficult issue? When your life is so busy and on automatic, most of the time, your ability to make choices or be creative is impaired by a cluttered mind and brain fog from excessive stress.  Our culture does accept exercise, diet, pharmaceutical/recreational drugs and sleep as being the best approach to health.  We do make time for exercise benefitting our physical body.  We are aware of our food choices and their effects on our physical bodies.  We do enjoy alcoholic beverages, recreational drugs and the effect on our physical and mental bodies.  


Until the past couple of years, sleep was not considered any more important than exercise and diet. Today science considers sleep deprivation a major factor in causing various diseases ranging from obesity and diabetes to cancer. According to the National Institute of Health, seventy-three percent of Americans do not have a quality night’s sleep.  Quality sleep is not determined by only how many hours that one is unconsciously asleep but the degree of deep rest and healing one receives. 


Increase the value of the time you are now spending in bed sleeping. Evidence-based studies support that after four weeks of practicing the forty-minute focusing/relaxation sessions in my 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program, each session produces the equivalent healing deep rest of eight hours of quality sleep.  You still have to sleep but gradually your time asleep will increase as well as the healing quality and your overall health.


The 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program takes a little of your time learning about your mind-body connection each week but the daily sessions experience has an immediate value from a deep healing rest standpoint.  


The Third Step

There are a number of mind-body skills taught in the Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program.   The first skill and maybe the most important is learning to focus and quiet your mind but stay awake while allowing your body to relax and go into a deep healing sleep.  Learning how to program your computer-brain with words and sensory imaging are life-changing skills. Another skill is experiencing a decrease in blood flow for controlling inflammation and increasing blood flow for faster healing. Also controlling bleeding by muscle control rather than coagulation.


Pain is a critical issue in many lives and muscle spasms/cramps are the cause.  You are taught and experience a procedure for releasing muscle spasms/cramps anywhere in your body. For those experiencing chronic pain not caused by spasms, there are imagery procedures for literally turning off the pain.


The Fourth Step

The fourth step is making the Self-Healing Connection and experiencing permanent healing.  After ten weeks of practicing the focusing process of letting your body go to sleep and keeping your mind awake, you are introduced to releasing all focus and increasing the level of your awareness/consciousness to a new high level.  It is at this high level of mental awareness where you are able to make the Self-Healing Connection.  


The Self-Healing Connection is mechanical and does not involve belief systems but does involve some basic understanding of who you are as a human being.  In other words, the Self-Healing Connection is already a part of every human being, all we have to do is find it and use it.


One major health issue that I suffered for over fifty years of my life was psoriasis.  Both of my parents had psoriasis as well as my two siblings. Being a successful Mind-Body coach at the time that the psoriasis plaques first appeared on my body I decided that I would wait for science to discover the cause and then I would use my skills to program a healing.


Well, as of two years ago there had been no solutions offered by science except medicine with many scary side effects.  So one day in 2018 I decided to make the Self-Healing Connection and several days later the psoriasis plaques were gone.  I can teach and coach you can do the same with all of your health problems. 


The 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program

The Mastery Program has twenty classes.  The Program is designed to be taken over a minimum of 140 days or twenty weeks. Each class is with an individual or family, one or two hours in length and is presented live by Edward Francis Pio in person or by a live Zoom broadcast on the internet.  All live classes on the internet are recorded and available to the client/patient as an MP4 at no additional cost.


Each class has new homework requirements and new information in the lecture part of each class which is followed up with PDFs sent to you for downloading, reading, and stored in your Mastery Program folder. 


The class time and date are mutually agreed upon with a minimum of seven days between each class.  For various reasons, the 20-week program usually extends to 22 to 26  weeks or more.  Your practice of at least one session a day for a minimum of seven days after each class is the necessary key to learning and using the mind-body skills taught in my 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program and experience the Self-Healing Connection. 


Let’s Get Started

If you have read this far, you are probably interested in making changes in your life.  I would love to have a conversation with you and answer any questions that you may have about your health issues, my 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program or about my background and experience.  We can have the conversation in person, on the phone, or using the internet and any of the video applications, such as Skype, Zoom, What's App, or Facetime.


You can contact me in Pacific Grove, California at 831-206-0450 or if out of the United States by email at  If you get my voice mail, please leave a message with the time and day that you would like for me to call you.


The conversation is free with no obligation.  After our conversation, if you decide that we are a good fit, your next step would be to sign up for a Breakthrough Session.


Breakthrough Session

In the Breakthrough Session, you will learn more details about my 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program and how the program might fit into your life.  The two-hour live Session is presented by Edward Francis Pio and includes a forty-minute deep relaxation focusing session.  A Breakthrough Session is offered in your home if you live in the Central Coast area of California, and on the internet anywhere in the world on a live Zoom broadcast.  All members of the household are invited to participate in the Session.  Your investment for the session is $100.  When you invest in the twenty-week 140 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program, you receive credit for the full amount.  All credit cards accepted.




Your Investment in the 140 Day 

Mind-Body-Spirit Mastery Program


New Shelter-in-Place Fees

Effective June 1, 2020



Individual investment     WAS  $3750  NOW $1950 


$500 down and 4 equal payments of $363



Family investment      WAS $5750   NOW $2450


$750 down and 4 equal payment of $425

Two or more in the same household


All credit cards are accepted





I am so confident of your learning the mind-body skills to mitigate the reasons why you purchased the Program, that I guarantee to work with all new students for up to 6 months following the completion of the twenty-week program absolutely free. The students must complete the twenty-week program and all of the homework requirements and still need help in solving their health or other problems.

Wellness and successful living don’t just happen.  For 52 years Edward Francis Pio has taught mind-body skills and skills for successful living to thousands of people from all walks of life. His teaching continues to expand as his understanding - his consciousness - grows:  As he includes more knowledge of science, philosophy, and religion, the dynamics of his teaching grows exponentially, and today his work in teaching others how to create Wellness and joyful, fruitful and fulfilling lives is at its all-time highest level.  





Successfully incorporate into your daily life skills that thousands of others have learned and experienced through the teachings of Edward Francis Pio. Learn how this highly-effective healing system can change the way you think, feel, and live. Master the art of consciously reaching your alert theta brain wave level, experiencing Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation and the extraordinary value of attaining this state of consciousness. Read what others have to say about these programs. 






Edward Francis Pio is a resident of Pacific Grove, California. He is the founder and Executive Director of the International Mind Body Institute. Mr. Pio has fifty-two years' experience teaching medical hypnosis, medical self-hypnosis, light, and deep meditation, the Theta Brain Wave Technique, and Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation to professionals, business organizations and private groups. Over sixty thousand students have taken his webinars, live or home study courses world-wide -- including 760 men in Soledad Prison, located in Central California. Mr. Pio has lectured and taught extensively on cruise ships and to select groups in Canada, Mexico, China and Russia.

copyright 1967 Edward Francis Pio

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