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Module 1 ( Introductory Class) is two-hours long and includes a thirty-minute Theta Brain Wave Technique session. The class will broadcast through Zoom, Skype, Facetime, GoTo Webinar or learnitlive -- which allows you to both see and hear each other and Edward Francis Pio's live presentation on your computer or smartphone. 


To schedule an introductory class on the internet, please use the registration form.






You may also email at or call Edward Francis Pio at 831-206-0450. 


A mutually agreed date and time will be determined for the class.


If you are a resident of Central California and would like to attend a regular class at the International Mind Body Institute, located at 1140 Monarch Lane #204, Pacific Grove.  Or in your home,

call 831-206-0450 or email: 


If you would like a private counseling session, call 831-206-0450 and leave your contact information on voice mail. Your call will be returned to make an appointment.


If you would like additional information about Module 1 (Introductory Class), please call 831-206-0450 or email









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