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The Theta Brain Wave Technique Training/Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation Course is a twelve-week program that teaches a number of body control skills and effective ways to stimulate creative thinking that will inevitably lead to positive outcomes in all aspects of your life . . .  accomplishments that are realized through the use of your most powerful gift in this life: your brain.  This program has been developed over the course of over half-a-century of personally learned experiences and the benefit of thousands of hours of learning-through-teaching.


As you participate in these courses you will experience an expansion of your awareness that you have the personal power to determine the quality of your life; to successfully fulfill your goals in relationships, financial

affairs and physical wellbeing. 



As a student of the Theta Brain Wave Technique Training and Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation Training, we ask you to engage your highest level of participation and commitment to the completion of these courses.







I will do at least one Theta Brain Wave Technique Training session each day by listening to the provided CDs or MP3s during the first five weeks of the course.


I will attend every class.


I will do at least one thirty-five minute advanced session on my own each day through week twelve.


I will complete and submit my daily progress report.


I will set intentions and fully develop several goals to be demonstrated in my life during or by the end of this course.


I recognize and accept that the creator of this original work (Edward Francis Pio) as having the exclusive rights to the information, method of teaching order of presentation, printed and recorded materials; I do so by not sharing it with any other person except in general terms as it applies to my experiences as a student of the Theta Brain Wave Technique and Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation Course.









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